Why I am deciding to choose what I can change over what I can't
On Critical Race Theory is a MUST Read.I am excited to support a new and dear friend of mine, Dr. Victor Ray, who’s new book is surely to be a hit given it’s timeliness. He writes abo…
More questions and answers with an economist about how inflation and recessions impact the vulnerable and why that matters
An economist answers some questions about how inflation and recessions impacts the vulnerable
Is Cassidy Hutchinson a hero? The push to make Cassidy Hutchinson some kind of American heroine is incredibly interesting. And by interesting, I mean, completely predictable.…
I spoke to two Black doctors about the implications of overturning Roe v. Wade and what it means for the most vulnerable among us
Paid Subscriptions Now OpenHey everyone! So many of you have already subscribed to this newsletter, which means the world. And some of you have reached out asking how you …
The former president's allies and friends want you to believe that they are reasonable, but the gag is they are still complicit
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